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Rosalind Searle

Get involved

A message from the Director of the EAWOP Impact Incubator

Welcome to the EAWOPii website where we have been adding content since we started in 2021. 

We are committed to trying to make our materials as accessible as possible and so one of the ways that you could get involved is in translating our animation scripts into another language for our YouTube channel.


I'd like to thank the following people who have helped so far, including:

  • Quanbing Chen

  • Roberta Fida

  • Dragos Iliescu

  • Kanu Mohan

  • Christian Seubert

  • Barbara Smorczewska

  • Andre Soares 

  • Mendiola Teng-Calleja


Please use the "contact us" form if you can support us in this matter. We will credit your work.


If you would like to be kept up to date with news about the latest developments for the EAWOPii please sign up to be a member (it's free!) to allow us to be able to contact you. Or register for our events

As part of our strategy, we work closely with the EAWOP small group meetings as a means of linking into key WOP topics, and into groups of researchers and practitioners. EAWOP have an annual call that closes in February each year.

If you have further ideas please contact us and tell us more. 

Thanks for your interest and support

Kind regards 

Prof Rosalind Searle

Director EAWOP impact incubator

Get involved: Get Involved
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